A series of 3 books filled with pictures, made, found, stolen and commissioned by Michiel Burger in the village of Yoro, Honduras. (2009)

"Michiel Buger offers us a dissection of society, and mainly a penetrating one of Honduras. With the detached air of an entomologist he 'collects' images that seem to indicate the normalcy but in fact de-mark the boundaries of society and the medium of photography.
At first glance the works may seem nihilistic, especially by his replication of the banality of Honduras' society without any apparent compensating artistry. The act of documenting an everyday world in such a vulgar and prosaic but but yet in such a refined way reveals Michiel Burger's dissent with the cruel and uncaring nature of society." (Raymond Taudin Chabot)

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78 pages, edition of 60, 2009. Sold out
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http://www.michielburger.nl/files/gimgs/th-15_7boek nagie3.jpg
42 pages, edition of 80, 2009. Sold out
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54 pages, edition of 60, 2009. Sold out.
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